Kezzies Chit Chat- Fathers & Daughters

Hi Everyone,

I simply want to write after watching a good movie. But it only has to be good one, because if it isn’t there’s no use in me writing.

My friend recommended this movie and she said she teared up and I did not suspect any of the emotions that I actually felt before watching it. I just thought, “oh here we go another sad movie.”

But this movie touched my heart. The entire story line around it was so rigid and well scripted. It was simply an amazing movie, one of the best ones I have seen so far this year


It is simply about this father and daughter who lost a wife/mother in a terrible car accident. The father however, struggles with some form of mental disorder and his hand shakes a lot. The psychologist called it random acts of psychotic breaks. So after the wife died, the father spent seven months in a mental institute to try and control these nasty breaks.


The daughter went to live with her aunt, who is her mother’s sister. Let’s just say I called this aunt and uncle the evil ones in the movie. Because when he came back from the mental institute (he did not fully recover but I guess you could say he tried to adjust and cope with the breaks that still occurred) they tried to take his daughter away by asking him if they could adopt her.

How can someone want to try and let a child go through all that. I mean for one she just lost a mother and it is not like the father does not want to take care of his daughter. He truly loves her and went to the institute to get better, so that he be able to take care of his baby girl.

What I liked about the movie is that it was a back and forth script. One minute you are in the past and then it brings you to the present. In the present it is just Katie who is studying psychology. This hit close to home, being that I studied psychology. Although she becomes a social worker where she helps kids who are without a family.

Unfortunately, due to her nasty past she develops coping mechanisms that aren’t really healthy. She just calms down by going on one night stands, and there are quite a bit in the movie. Until she meets Cameron.


Cameron happened to be a fan of her dad’s because by the way he was an author and his favourite book was Fathers and Daughters. See that’s where the movie title comes in. The book she finally realises at the close end of the movie is not only about the relationship that they both shared of father and daughter, but also it is about the continuos struggles in life.


She finds this out when she is having a mental breakthrough after she does a huge mistake by cheating on Cameron. And he did not give her any reason to cheat, he was the nicest fellow.

At one point in the movie, that struck a heart beat was when Cameron invited her to go have dinner with her parents, and she freaked out. He continuously followed her and missed the dinner all throughout.

But after she slept with another, mind you, she left all the signs of her cheating there. She wanted him to find out she never tried to hide it. And once he did she knew … she knew that she was in the wrong; she had done a massive mistake.

She tried hooking up with strangers again but it didn’t work. Because now she finally knew … she knew what true love really meant. I think her idea of love never existing came from her nasty aunt because, “ oh yes” they had sued the father for custody of the daughter but the dad won. Only because his lawyers found out that the uncle was cheating on the aunt, so then they got a divorce and the entire case dropped.

So yes we see a scene whereby the aunt says that she is an old lady who still as yet did not find love. So maybe that’s where her love idea comes from but of course the fact that she is scared of being loved or that she is continuously afraid that Cameron was going to leave her was because the people who she cared about the most in life left her.


Her mother died and her father died a few years later even after we get a heart warming scene of them two making a promise that the father won’t leave her until he is a very old man, maybe even a 1000 years old.

The death of her dad I think was the strongest scene in the entire movie, he had this tremor that kept going and he was in his shower. He tried grabbing onto the shower curtain but then slipped and hit his head with the radiator. We do not ever get to see the scene of Katie finding her dad like that it just skips to the funeral scene. But we can all imagine how terrible that is for anyone to be in that moment. To find someone who you love and care about dead on the floor. Truly horrible.


Anyways so as a social worker she gets to work with this girl who also has lost her mother and ends up in foster care. Due to this trauma the child stops speaking for almost a year until Katie continuously listens to her in multiple sessions and she finally speaks. At the end of the movie we find out that she is going to be adopted and it is then when they go to the park and have a heartwarming conversation does Katie realise what her dad’s book was truly about and that Cameron is someone she should not give up on!

So she tries calling him but he doesn’t answer. So then she just puts on her boots and runs over to his place and tells him that she misses him and he is the best thing that ever happened in her life. And she knows. . . she knows she isn’t the easiest girl to be around with. But then the ball drops cos in comes another girl’s voice saying “ I could leave if you want me to”. Then Katie just says thank you for everything that you have done for me and she leaves oh and Cameron says that she is just a friend the mystery girl.

So then we see Katie walk back to her apartment but when she gets there, guess who is waiting by the door? YES it’s Cameron and oh my god that scene was so powerful when they just embrace each other and the end! Just speechless!


I just loved this movie altogether. Mental health can just take over a human being and no matter what you do there isn’t much we can do about it. All we can do is be there for the person. The father didn’t have anyone but his loving daughter who did not know about anything. Even though the father was struggling, physically and emotionally he still did everything in his power to make that girl smile.

Also, the coping mechanisms we see in this movie, trying to overcome depression, trauma of the past is so articulate and well scripted. People do go through this, they do experience it and let me tell you, with the right support, environment and mental power you can get through it !!

Don’t be ashamed if you are going through something, simply speak up when you can. If you would like to read more and if you are interested in someone who can give you a helping hand then check this website out –

And if you want some further advice on depression and anxiety then click on the following links –

I think this movie is by far an A+ in my books and probably will try and watch it plenty more times because the story behind it is so rich and full of raw emotion!

I hope you enjoyed my little ramble. Happy sunday!

Love Kezzie


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