How to be Single – Love Chit Chat

Hi everyone,

Yes today is Video day over on my channel – however I am sick at home so I had the time to myself for a bit.

I have done multiple things which if I had went to work would have never had the time or strength and energy to do them!

I am so glad I actually stayed watching a Movie on my own – it has been so long. Mostly because I have not found a good movie in what seem like ages !!

I also managed to read 3 books in the course of less than 2 weeks!

Kezia never does that! She’s picky when it comes to food and also you guessed it with books, movies, TV shows you name it!!

I have been wanting to write about the books I have read but didn’t really feel that motivated. When posting something here I want to make sure that it is worth posting and it is interesting to probably the few readers who read my blog – and guys I love you for taking the time to reading my blog. I really enjoy writing and honestly I am angry at myself for not using my time in writing so much! I miss it but it seems that I only want to do it when the passion for it is there, and today I found it!


The movie – How to be Single – stars actresses who I love – Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson & Leslie Mann amongst others who did a really good job in communicating with the audience and sharing such a wonderful story!

This is basically about the main character – Alice played by Dakota – trying to live and trying to find herself as an independent woman who does not need a man in her life. She wants to do the basic things in her life like unzip a dress by herself! And she figures out all this by the end of the movie!

I loved the ending because she finally got to do the hike at the Grand Canyon! I was so impressed by sort of the ending to the story with a life lesson to the audience.

I am in a relationship and I am so happy with him. We met last year and it was something that happened so randomly.

Like I am the type of girl who falls for someone easily – I admit that! And I used to be the girl that the first guy I meet – that’s it – He’s The one. The end. But I guess you figure these things out the hard way – by getting your heart broken. I did refuse to believe it was over when one relationship ended and pined for it to go back to the way it was. But it didn’t and it did take me quite a while to grasp the concept of letting go and moving on. I guess it is extra hard if you are an over emotional and over sensitive person.


But don’t worry, goodness I promise you it is not the end of the world. Sometimes life can strike you and you just have to say everything happens for a reason unfortunately. We all do have our own destinies and no one told us it would be a walk in the park!

Anyways when I met Luke he really surprised me, I never expected that we would even last this long. But he just has everything about him that makes him genuine, caring, loving, understanding and the list goes on. Sometimes we laugh at how similar we are. I am so thankful to have found him. Obviously with every relationship you start there will always be that fear of it ending. Especially if you have stuff that happened in your past that will make it harder for you to trust that this time it will be different.


I tell my friends that if he’s the one it won’t end and the relationship will only blossom. Even I have my stupid fears that come in the way sometimes but it could be those exact fears that can ruin and harm the entire relationships. So don’t act upon them and try to trust yourself and the person you are with that if it’s meant to be it will be.

Even though I am in a relationship we all want that “me time”. Heck I want it! I love staying at home in my PJ’s catching up on Geordie Shore or watching the Finale of Quantico.

But then of course I know that since I love him I am going to miss him and will be craving his cuddles A.S.A.P. But when being in a relationship we should not forget who we are and get lost in it. Do not change for anyone because it is not worth it in losing your identity!

Being single allows you to discover more about yourself and is a time in your life which I think we all need. I see it as a time before we find the right guy. We should not push it and think that the first guy you are ever going to meet will be the one. Just as we have heard many times – you have to kiss quite a bit of frogs to find the right one.

The movie really pin points all that there is to being single – the partying, one night stands, getting drunk but in the end even those who find being single is the only way to go will turn to finding companionship.


Us humans thrive to find love and be loved by someone else. I don’t know if maybe the media would not promote love as much as it does, would we be so influenced as much as we are to find love and fall in love with someone else?

Anyways yea I just wanted to write today because the movie inspired me to do so.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Don’t forget a new video will be up SOON!

Love Kezzie


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