Wednesday – Midweek blues.

Hi everyone,

I honestly have missed writing in this blog. I mean yes I still do blog but only when I have a new video up.

And yes today is wednesday and there should be a new video up however this week’s video will be going up on Friday. Hint hint it is a collab with one of my youtube friends.

Anyways I still wanted to write up a blog post today as my craving to write something is itching away.

It could be because my life has lots of tangles and knots at the moment that I cannot get sorted. Writing has always helped me cope with what I face in this scary world.

My best friend and I are not on speaking terms at the moment. In my head it just got to a point that I do not care who is in the wrong I just want this silent period to be over. However I am afraid that I will not get the second chance. I mean wouldnt she have spoken to me by now ? Why do I have to be the first one who has to speak?

Boyfriend dilemmas are happening also right now. I got to a point where I do not know how to feel. My emotions are scattered. It is so funny how when it comes to understanding what my friends feelings are I can easily give an answer. But then when it comes to me I can’t. How ironic that by studying psychology it would not defer you from not havimg to go to a psychologist. You cannot simply be your own psychologist, what is the point then?

Anyways, at least one good thing came out today. I got an awesome photo of Nemo I swear it was a lucky shot. One that only took seconds to take.


See how cute or scary she is?

Anyways hope you have a lovely continuation of the week.

Love Kezzie

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