Hey everyone,

Hope you are all having a lovely WEEKEND!!

Wishing you all the best 🙂

I have uploaded a new video, one which I honestly uploaded weeks ago and it has finally made it to being published for all of you to see.

It is my Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Haul. I ordered these all from EBAY and since I recorded the video I have tried each brush and all I can say is —> WOW!!! They are amazing! My favourite ones have to be The Powder Brush and the Eyebrow Brush!!! The powder brush feels super amazing against my face. And the eye brow brush feels in my brows super great!! Hehe!!

Anyways here is the video —>

Hope you like it !!!

Thank you so much for watching and supporting me and my channel & blog!!!

Comment down below if you have ever tried any of these brushes!!

Love Kezzie


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