Types of Girls who GRADUATED!!

Hey everyone!!

So on Wednesday I uploaded a video entitled Types of Girls who Graduated! I was invited to do a collab with five other girls and we each did a different Types of Girls video.

I chose this topic as it is very close to me especially since I graduated last November. So I am going through this stage in my life of what is going to be my next step in my grand plot of my life.

Here are girls I did the collab with –

Tamara Ten – https://t.co/JeY3f0ESGE
Ivana – https://t.co/Fc6yQFJKLo
Lana – https://t.co/bRJax4eev0
Lucy – https://t.co/WjdGvfJLcP
Olivia – https://t.co/LvTNn9ATRK
Alix – https://t.co/2WbZVE5N8K

Hope you can visit their channel and show your support!!

Thank you so much for reading and watching!!

Comment down below if any of the different types of Girls I came up with, if you find them in yourself!!

This was my first ever video of this type and was so nervous of uploading it as I did not know if it was anything good … but I think it turned out great !!

Thank you so much for all your support!!

Love Kezzie




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