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VLOG #5 – Gluten Free Diet, University Party, Mac Shopping etc . .

Hi guys !! 

Omg I am so HAPPY that I actually managed to stick with VLOGGING for the entire month of January! And I also cannot believe that January is already over! One month is already gone from this new year – SHOCKER!!

So Monday has arrived and went and yesterday I uploaded my final January Vlog and would love it if you all would check it out!

It has everything that I was up to last week! From Mac shopping to making tea for my dad. It also includes footage from the Uni party I went to and what I did in my weekend!

And also I watched Age of Adelaine – and omg Favourite Movie alert!!! 

So here you go, I hope you enjoy my video.

Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and if you have not subscribed to my channel – then what are you waiting for? Of course only subscribe if you like me and my content hehe!!

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Here is the video:

Thank you to all those who subscribed and have also followed my blog! It truly means the world to me!!


I hope you all had a lovely week and I wish you a lovely upcoming week!!

Love Kezzie



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