Lip Monthly Subscription Bag – December Bag

Hi guys !! 

I know this is late but it is NOT my fault !! Lip monthly sent my package so late that I received it in the beginning of January. I also have not received my January bag yet but this I know is due to the Jonas storm that is in the US at the moment. I live in Malta so that is quite far away, so I have to understand that these packages do not arrive in a blink of an eye!!

Anyways here are some photos and below is the video I uploaded on my youtube channel – 

Thank you so much to all who have supported my blog and my channel – I truly appreciate all your kind words and comments !!!

The videos shows you guys the products and also a mini review on them!! I also swatched the lipsticks !!


And here is the video :-

Did you ever hear about Lip Monthly?

Thank you once again for watching & reading. 

Love Kezzie



2 thoughts on “Lip Monthly Subscription Bag – December Bag

  1. I’ve never heard of this subscription bag before? Are they good? Is it here in the US? The goodies you got are amazing! Love the HIKARI blush a lot..😍

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