Essence Lipsticks Review

Hi guys,

How are you all???

On Wednesday I uploaded a video that honestly I filmed a while ago. But I had so much fun filming! I filmed about the Essence Lipsticks, two kinds – sheer lipsticks and long lasting lipsticks.

The sheer lipsticks I regard them as lip balms and are great first buy lipsticks for when you are younger and maybe buying your first ever lipstick!

The long lasting lipstick is a more lipstick proper look! Their shades vary and are amazing! They are cheap but worth buying!

I love essence, it was the first makeup brand that I ever fell in love with!


Check out my video here:

The Sheer Shine Lipsticks (what I call Lip balms)
They still sell these as I checked.
1. Frosted
2. Glam Girl
3. Dazzling Beige
4. Kiss You

The Long Lasting Lipsticks
1. Barely There
2. Dare to be Nude
3. Coral Calling
4. Natural Beauty

What do you think of Essence Lipsticks? Do you like them? Yes or no? 

Love Kezzie


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