My Three Day Hotel Break

Hi guys !! 

How are you all doing? OMG can you believe it, only a few more hours left of 2015?!!?

These past three days I have spent them away with my boyfriend at a hotel in Malta called The Rokna Hotel.

It is not that much of a fancy hotel but we wanted something that was not too expensive and as long as it had a huge king sized bed, a pretty view and WI FI oh and breakfast included … we said why not.

During the time I took so many photos to share on my blog because I love sharing my experiences here with you guys.

We got there on Monday morning and we just checked in and relaxed for a little bit. I was unaware whilst booking that the hotel did not include an indoor pool … so that was a let down. However, we still found loads of things to do.

We first went to buy some groceries, like water and nibbles. Because we love snacking!! I got some Gluten Free chocolate biscuits and some rice cakes. Luke got Pringles and some kind of biscuits which I cannot eat as they include my nemesis – WHEAT.

We then went over to order something to eat and we went to New York’s Best. I don’t know if you guys know the place, but it is a burger joint and I recently found out that it served Gluten Free Buns – so of course I had to try them out!

I got a regular burger which had tomatoes and lettuce .. it was super juicy!!


As you can see I was very happy !!!

Then in the evening we to the hotel’s restaurant called of course The Rokna. By the way rokna means corner in english.

The food was amazing and the prices were so cheap too !!

I got a chicken curry rice which had a weird sauce with coconut included – but OMG it was amazing!! Luke got some salty pizza.

Then after we just did something completely random! We went to play pool at a local bar called Beggars. Luke won but I was not bad he told me.

The next morning we went down for breakfast – I had to drag him down because Luke is not a morning person and he can just go on sleeping like there’s no tomorrow!!

To my surprise they gave me some gluten free cookies and cornflakes. Because I had bought some bread so I can toast myself because I didn’t think there would be any gluten free foods! I was really happy …


Ok … I don’t look the best in the photo but it’s the camera’s fault – haha.

We spent the day walking and Luke had to revise some things as he soon has his university exams. So while he did that I stayed editing some videos! We really work well together.

However we also discovered our love for piano games. We saw KSI’s video of playing the Piano Tiles 2 game and we downloaded it and went crazy on it. I don’t mean to brag but I am good at it, I even beat ksi’s score on the challenge thingy!! Luke then downloaded the smule app and played that. He excels on that one!!

In the evening we then ordered sushi as I have been wanting sushi for over a month now. We got a Yoshi Platter which is amazing and at such a great price – only €25 !!!

It was delicious!! Whilst eating that we stayed watching Rush Hour 3 … but I slept.

I was extremely happy!!!!

Here are some other photos that I took:


I will be uploading a VLOG soon of what I packed … so stay tuned for that!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my three day break, comment down below telling me what you have been up to!!

Love Kezzie,



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