How I celebrated Christmas !! Christmas Lunch, Selfies, Makeup Look and DVD Night

Hey guys 😘

How are you all doing? Are you all full from yesterday’s christmas lunch? Are you all stuffed from the many different meal courses a meal can have? Are you regretting any types of desserts that you may have had in the previous 24 hours? 

Well I am okay. Not too stuffed but not too hungry either! And regarding any regrets … I did end up eating a chocolate cake which probably had some sort of wheat and egg ingredients … and if you did not know I am intolerant to those two items.

However the effects I have are just me constantly itching, headaches, tiredness and red spots all around my body.

However, it was Christmas and so I got excused and I am able to handle the consequences and so I took a big piece of cake. I was the first to finish it all off … I swear it did not last five minutes in my dessert bowl.

It was gone in my stomach so quickly!!

Anyways moving on … I wanted to share with you how my Christmas Day went with tons of photos I took throughout the day!

It started with a mass in the morning. After I took loads of selfies and it resulted in these photos:

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 2.15.35 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-26 at 2.15.47 PM

And here is all the makeup I used:


I used the LORAC Pro Palette – which I recently bought – and am absolutely LOVING!!!

I also used the Studded Kiss Matte Lipstick from MAC which is absolutely gorgeous !!!

Then we went back home and had our christmas lunch. The table was set up as always so cutely and festive.




For our first course we had a yummy Broccholi Soup which I love!!


Then we moved on to our main meal where we had a mix of Turkey and Chicken added with Potatoes and Vegetables. The sauce was amazing and this was all thanks to my amazing Dad!!


For the final plate, we had an AMAZING CHOCOLATE MOUSSE kinda cake. This just was simply mouthwatering to eat!!


And that was the end to our amazing lunch. But then I got carried away and took some photos of Nemo.



She also could not stop yawning after that huge lunch !!


And then my cousins came and we chatted about everything I even lost track of time and had to dash to Luke’s.

We were initially going to do a Sushi and DVD night but since we were both stuffed we erased the sushi and just left the DVD night.

We snuggled up in the sitting room on the sofa with a huge blanket and stayed watching BAD SANTA.No it is not my favourite movie! I wanted a traditional christmas movie but anyways it was still funny. Even though I really hated the main character who played the role of santa, his character was so arrogant!! But anyways it ended with a nice and cute message!! So I guess it was watchable!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 2.27.43 PM.png

And that was my christmas 😘

I would love to read in the comments down below how you guys spent your christmas 😘😘

Love Kezzie



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