Blogmas Day 10 Scream Queens Finale!!

Hi everyone, 

OH my GOD!!

Before I go any further this post contains SPOILERS so please for those of you who have not watched the show and wish to watch it …


Have you been watching this new show ? 


It has an A list cast! It started off with having Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas … However Spoiler ALERT … their characters did not live long.

But then we had Emma Roberts and Lea Michele.

Omg !!!

Lea’s character Hester shined in this episode. And for those of you who watch this show will know why. In today’s finale we got to know EVERYTHING. How this revenge was plotted, how it all began and how it all could have ended.


It was set up in such an amazing and intelligent way. I did not believe that Hester was the Red Devil up until she was caught stealing items from Chanel’s amazing closet! But then she blamed it all on Chanel number 5!!!

She blamed all the murders and she blamed Chanel number 5 for being … THE RED DEVIL.


But then she went on to blame the two other Chanel’s for accompanying her with all these murders! And my my did she explain them so well!



And they all ended up in an ASYLUM for the insane for life. But you know Chanel, she made it her royal home. The ending though !!! Who was that red devil that appeared in the end? It could not have been Hester, she already got what she wanted!!


And principle Munch is the only person who knows who Hester truly is.

And I think the most comical moment is when Chad shared that intimate moment with Denise. That was so funny !!!

God I honestly thought that this show in the beginning sucked, the acting was terrible. But as the episodes went by it got better and better. And I am so pleased with its finale!!

What did you think of the finale? 

Will you watch this show if it returns to our TV Sets? 

Until next time,



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