Review and Demo on the Bright Eyes Under Eye Brightener by IAMGREENMINDED.COM

Hey guys!! 

How are you all doing? Finally I have managed to record, edit and upload a video! It has been a week and I just am so happy that I am going to be able to share with you guys a new video! Sorry for the delay once again.

Today’s video is based around the product called – Bright Eyes Under Eye Brightener by

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.15.14 PM.png

This website sells makeup products that are so beneficial to your skin and try not to harm your skin as much as possible! They sell makeup products which have NOT been tested on animals which is such a great strategy to put out there. I wish that more people heard about this website and maybe go and try out more of their products.

I did not know about this website until Mary Ellen emailed me and asked if I would review a product for her to which I replied of course I would love to. This was the first email I have received of this sort and it kind of created butterflies in my stomach because this woman wanted me to review this product! It created an amazing feeling.


So last week I received the product and tried it a couple of times and loved it. I apply it after applying my concealer and just before applying my powder. Please not that now I am trying to apply my foundation before the concealer, so foundation would have already been applied prior to the concealer.

I apply the product with a fluffy brush and apply it under my eyes. It creates a brightening effect just as it entails. It lightens over time and I read that it does so, in order to infuse a “cosmeceutical, botanical blend of extracts” which will help to lighten the dark areas which can be found under your eyes. It also does not clog pores as it is “Zero Comedogenic”.

Therefore, YES I think you should try out this product.

Also for all my subscribers as well as my blog readers, here is a 15% off coupon code to buy from


I also wanted to say that No I am not getting paid to share this product around, but I am doing it out of my free will.

Please tell me in the comments down below if you had ever tried anything out from iamgreenminded? And if so, how was your experience?

And here is the video: 

Until next time,


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