Blogmas Day 2.

Hi everyone, how are you all? 

How was your first of December?

My second December was slightly more hectic even though I did not have work at my second job. Therefore, I finished at 3pm. #HappyDays.

This morning proved a challenge to wake up out of bed. I usually manage to get myself out of bed by half past six, but at quarter to seven I am still cosy and snuggled up under my cosy quilt.

When I do finally decide to get up I dress up quickly and head out. But here is a selfie that shows that even though I had so little time to get ready, I think I still managed well.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 9.53.00 PM.png

Unfortunately I got stuck in traffic and made it to work on time!

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 9.53.11 PM.png

So hurray for me!!

After work I went over to my boyfriend’s who was quite busy with his Biology Practical so I continued reading my book. We then went to shop for a new controller for his ps4 and well I bought something but at the time being I am going to keep it a secret.

We then drove back to his where he made me something to eat, went to my nan and rushed home!! I checked if my video was uploaded, which it is! (Be sure to check it out: 🙂

And here I am not writing a blog post.

How was your day? Anything exciting happened?

Until next time,


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