Chit Chat – Graduation, Boyfriend’s Birthday = Busy Week!!

Hey guys,

Photo on 27-11-2015 at 2.57 PM

How are you all doing? You might be saying, ‘Where has Kezzie been?” Well I had such a busy week and did not feel like writing at all. Which mind you, is something that I love, I love writing. I find writing as a means of expression, I am someone who does not express all her feelings out loud. So with the use of this blog, I find myself being able to express a variety of emotions that sometimes I cannot do so out loud in the real world.

I had a tough week which was filled with mixed emotions. Things happened in my life which sometimes make me think, what is wrong with me? Why am I having these crazy thoughts in my brain, is something not right? Moreover, being a Psychology Graduate I start noting down all my symptoms and try to classify them with a disorder. It is insane sometimes.

Last week I graduated and finished my Degree in Psychology. See last year I graduated with a B.A in Philosophy and Psychology therefore it was not an honours degree. So this year I took an extra year to get a Degree which was the same as a B.Psy honours. So, yes I graduated twice in 2 years. And this year’s graduation should have been more special and filled with more smiles. But instead I just felt empty inside. Last year I had photos galore, I had celebrations that lasted for 2 weeks and we just could not stop talking about how fun this time of year is. This year it just seemed empty, and the only time I felt really happy and felt like I accomplished something was during the ceremony itself and when I went to receive my Degree from the dean. That was a proud moment, but that cheerfulness only lasted for minutes because then I rushed after to my boyfriend’s Science Faculty’s 100th Anniversary. So that was my Graduation celebration – it was over. And over the coming days I had to sit at home and when I had time scroll through my Facebook Newsfeed page which was filled with graduation memories of my other friends and think where are my photos of my graduation, this year? I barely have any.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.07.44 PM.png

To make matters worse I got into an argument with my boyfriend but that passed. After all, what is a relationship without some arguments here and there. We do disagree sometimes but it does not happen enough. Last week was also his birthday so I was busy with that, and I planned him a little surprise event where we had Laser Tag and had so much fun. That cheered me up.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.07.07 PM.png

Anyways due to my upsetting mood I did not post a new video however I did not share my latest video on my blog however will do so in a new blog post. Because this blog is a chit chat blog.

Hopefully now my mood will turn around as today in Malta, the Point (a shopping centre) is hosting the first ever Black Friday and will hopefully go check it out later on today !! #excitement

Stay tuned for more



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