My Weekend – Friday To Sunday – Themed Party – Karaoke Night – Relaxing Sundays

Hey guys !! 

So I know I just wrote up a blog post but that was meant to be put up yesterday. However I was not able to do that as I was away this weekend. I went to a UNI Weekender that was organised by a science community. I do not attend university as I will be graduating this year however, my boyfriend is studying biology and chemistry and he invited me to go and so I did.

IMG_3983 (1)

It was a fun filled evening with so much things to do !! On Friday we went up at around five where we checked in Preluna Hotel which was amazing. We then attended an Ice Breaker near the sea front but that wasn’t much fun as the place was too small and there were so much people. So we bounced early and went off to dinner. Being wheat and egg free and still getting used to it, I found it hard to pick what to eat but then I settled for some chicken, potatoes and rice.

We then headed upstairs where we got ready for the themed party that was happening that evening. The theme was to dress up as a character from a TV show. I went as a cheerleader from Glee. Was meant to be Brittany but I did my makeup way to smokey to be Britney as I wanted to do a smokey look that evening. My boyfriend went as Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.52.43 PM

IMG_3982 (1)

The party was amazing. Once the photos come up I will definitely share them with you all. We drank a little cos you know, it was an open bar. But above all we danced the night away. It was an amazing party, and I had not danced like that in a long time!!

Then Saturday morning we went down for breakfast which was delicious! I took some cheese, potatoes, baked beans and sausages. It was yummy! We then went out for a walk then slept a little as we were all tired. My boyfriend attended a workshop to thinking back now I should have gone as it was all about lateral thinking! But oh well! We then went out for lunch where I took spaghetti that was gluten free with chicken. It was not that good as the pasta was so hard! Us girls then went for a nice hollistic message. The masseuse told me that I need to relax more but that is something I already knew!

We then rested again and went down for dinner. Dinner last night was harder to choose from, and I ended up only taking some rice. But at least they had ice cream and I chose the Pistachio flavour! Last night we then had Karaoke Night and again once the photos are up of the event I will share them with you all! It was my first karaoke experience and it was so much fun ! We sang Oops I did it again, Where is the love, Somebody Like You and so much more that by the end of the night my voice was no more !!

It was so sad to wake up then this morning and realise that the weekend had come to an end. We had breakfast which I do not know why but I preferred it more yesterday. Then we checked out and left. When I arrived home and unpacked I realised that I left my brush at the hotel, and it was one that my mum gave me that she used back when she was my age. So was a little upset then but that passed I guess. Someone always has to leave something behind and this time it was my turn to do so.

IMG_3985 (1)

So now I am home and I had a shower, put on some candles and just sat down replying to all the lovely comments I received on my youtube channel videos !! Thank you so much to whoever has subscribed to my youtube channel and followed this blog. I really appreciate and brings me great joy. Anyways that’s all for today, hope you enjoyed this blog post, it is something new hehe.

Thank you guys for everything xoxo


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