What I did on Sunday :)

Hey guys!!

How are you all? I have been wanting to share with you my day on Sunday but then it got sidetracked. I mean I got sidetracked.

Unfortunately I LOST my boyfriend’s ring, the one he gave me for my birthday and I have been so sad about it and down too. I cannot find it anywhere and it has made me extremely upset. I wake up looking for it and I sleep thinking about where it could have gone. So far I did not have any luck in finding it.

InstagramCapture_67c7e794-6109-443d-8265-d1939fc864d6 Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.58.53 PM

Anyways, moving on. On Sunday before all this chaos started I went with my friends for a lovely Sunday Breakfast. And I took a jacket potatoe with cheese and salad. And it was amazing!!! I wore a white crop top from H&M and a tribal skirt from Primark. I paired everything with my black sneakers from Primark. As you can see I was so British.


In the evening, even with all the chaos going on me and my Boyfriend went to the Cinema unexpectedly as we were meant to go have dinner. However, we both were not that hungry. So we ended up watching Scorch Trials. Omg yes it was a bit scary with those freaky zombies but it was so good!! Cannot believe there’s three more!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.03.34 PM

Anyways before I close this blog I would like to end that sometimes you really will find someone who is so caring and sweet. Even though my boyfriend knows of my misfortune of losing his gift he still loves and adores me nonetheless. Just today I went to visit him after I finished work because he is a bit unwell. And I was a bit hungry and he cooked me dinner, Tarja with Bovril something Maltese? But I love him to bits.

Thanks for reading,

Don’t forget, tomorrow VIDEO DAY.



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