Review – ELF Studio Matte Lip Colors

Hey guys !!! 

So I wanted to share with you this awesome product that retails for 3 DOLLARS only!! Super jealous as the ELF website do not ship to Malta anymore. However what is more sad is that this product is only found on the US site and not on the UK site which has recently been revamped. If you want to have a look at the amazing lip colours on the US website, check it out by clicking on the link below:

I own the colours:

  • Rich Red
  • Fushcia Pink
  • Cranberry
  • Wine





The most recent shades are Hot Commodity, Dash of Pink and Berry Sorbet (I want!!). The range of colours varies from nudes, to pinks to corals and reds. In my opinion there are plenty to choose from!

They don’t stay on all day, as you have to reapply them especially if you will be having dinner or eating somethings. And they also dry up your lips instead of moisturises them! Therefore, apply some moisturising product on your lips before you use these awesome matte shades!

I still love them though, because they are pigmented, cheap and are identical to the colours that show on their packaging.

Therefore, this product is a HIT.

To watch me review these products further just simply watch my video 🙂

Hope you enjoy this video and if you want to see more reviews please let me know.



p.s. Thank you so much for subscribing to my channel.

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