Relaxed Sunday

Hey guys !!

Today is FILMING day and I managed to film 2 videos! I currently film videos with my Macbook Air facetime camera and I guess it is ok but I want to buy a new camera. But I do not know which to buy. And I am worried what if I end up not using it as much? I do not want to buy something that is probably expensive without using it properly because I don’t know how to use these fancy canon cameras hehe.

What do you think is the safest, affordable beginners camera for filming youtube beauty videos?


I wanted to also share with you this bouquet of flowers I received from a student of mine. I never received flowers in my whole life, and so you could imagine the big smile on my face when I got them. They are just amazing and it is so sweet that I can be of such inspiration to this little boy 🙂 So cute !!


Also here is a sneak peak from the coming video which will be up on Saturday. The other video will be up on Wednesday ! Do not forget to watch on my youtube channel:

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.



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