Nails of the Month

Hey guys !! 

So Yes I go to a nail technician every month to get my nails done. I used to do my own however, now I seem to not have the time or patience to do them. I do not just want to put on one colour, I always used to like doing nail art and had the patience to do them. But now this seems unlikely.


So last April I started going to a nail technician whom I love and adore. She does amazing work and I thought why not share her amazing work every month on my blog. I tell her what I want sometimes however, she also comes up with some ideas. This one that I have on now are actually her idea. I told her I wanted the same nail idea that her sister posted and so she did them for me.

I think this look is perfect for the fall and the coming months i.e. HALLOWEEN. My next appointment is on the 3rd November because I do leave them for 4 weeks as in the end I have to watch over my money, so leaving them for four weeks is the best option. My nails are acrylics and this month I went for a black matte shade and on my ringer I added two gold lines 🙂

What do you think of this look ?



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