Back to School Haul – New Look, Bershka, Calliope, Kiabi

Hey guys!!
So on Saturday I went shopping for some clothes for when I go back to work, well really I am just starting my first full time job this year so it’s a whole new experience and I NEEDED some new outfits for this new path.
But I decided to film this haul as a Back to School because all items can be worn for such school days. All items but one that is, the small heels shouldn’t be used. But come on they’re cute and I needed a smart pair of shoes both for work and graduation.
Items I bought:
Black Ripped Jeans – they are so comfy and a necessary wardrobe item for fall. And for school – see these i won’t wear at work. (Bershka)
White Shirt with a Peter Pan Collar – I love this shirt because of its unique pattern at the back. Great for wearing with a pair of jeans and sneakers. You look both smart and casual at the same time. (Kiabi)
Black and White Patterned Leggings – These are so comfortable during these cold coming months and you should be comfortable both at work and school and these do the job. (New Look)
Maroon & Mustard Shirts – These are so smart and so comfortable to wear. Again these can be worn on trousers/skirts and even a PAIR OF JEANS. I love these and I want them in other colours!! (New Look)
Patterned Jacket – This comes without any BUTTONS and I find that to be adorable. Well the whole Jacket is adorable. Something nice to wear when your outfit is a bit plain and is shouting for some VA VA VOOM. It was a bit expensive and I bought it a size bigger simply because they did not have my size. But I think in winter I wear so much larger clothing with wool so it shouldn’t be a problem. (New Look)
Black Shoulder Bag – I love this bag and i needed a bag so this was a thought item that I needed haha. I love this, the design in the front with the zip is so cute. And you can fit your lunch and your small notebook in it. Great for school and for work. Must buy! (New Look)
Black and White Pointy Small Heels – I think these are adorable and they are comfortable too. They are smart and so elegant and I think they would complete an outfit and make it even more amazing then it already is! i imagine this to be worn with something black, that will make the white pop out even more than it already is. Of course these are not shoes you would wear to school, at least not in my opinion. I bought these essentially for formal work occasions and for graduation (New Look)
Black Pointy Flats – I think these are essentials in any girl’s shoe closet. I mean we all need that one pair of black flats and this is mine. i had another one but now it got too old and dirty and this just makes the whole outfit. It’s casual and comfortable perfect for going to school/work. (New Look)
Black Sneakers with a Platform – I have been looking for these shoes for ages!!! I WANTED them so bad and i have seen them on a friend of mine which only made me want them more. And so I got them. Obviously I will not wear these at work but i would suggest them for school together with ripped jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a beanie ❤ That would look amazing!! (Kiabi)
Be sure to check out my video of my Back to School Haul right here !!
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Thank you so much guys !!

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