Hi guys,
I go by the name, Kezzie from KezziesCorner. I am a 21 year old who is in love with makeup and considers myself a beauty geek.
I recently removed my WISDOM TEETH … Eurh well except for one, but still I removed four because one of them was a left molar. Therefore, I had a lot of time on my hands where I just spent in my room on my bed watching Youtube Videos. The videos I watched were none other than Beauty videos such as KathleenLights, Zoella, Juicystar07. And I actually did have a youtube channel under the name of GigiNkez but I had stopped doing videos due to lack of time and my camera was not the best nor was my filming space. But with this time on my hands I have been planning and organising how I am going to refresh my youtube experience.
So I created a new youtube account, updated my Instagram and Twitter name and now I am creating this blog. No I have not posted a video yet because my cheeks are still a little swollen from the teeth extraction that only happened a week ago. But I cannot wait to film a new one, I have so many ideas in my mind. I hope you will be patient with me in beginning this new cool journey that so many individuals are doing and are loving. I even want to vlog, one day.
Hopefully you will see a video up soon just be patient with me. In the mean time I will try and start posting some blog posts here and there. Something about me: I have just finished my final year at Uni where I studied Psychology. I will be graduating in November 2015 and next week I am starting my new Full Time Job. I have in mind that maybe I should start vlogging from this new experience but it will be a challenge. I will take it day by day and see how everything will go.
Until then you can check out my previous youtube account: 🙂
P.s. Meet my adorable Kitty cat, Nemo.

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